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Heavy Bag Stand Set

Heavy Bag Stand Set
Sporting Goods > Fitness > Boxing Heavy Bags > Item 6

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Click here to buy Heavy Bag Stand Set by TKO. Heavy Bag Stand Set
by TKO
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  • 75 lb washable 18 oz. vinyl heavy bag with nylon reinforced seams and stitching, perfectly designed fill, heavy gauge welded D rings
  • 10 x 7 duraleather speedbag with heavy duty training swivel and latex bladder
  • 10' lightweight adjustable skip rope with contoured handles
  • Padded sit-up bar
  • All purpose gloves with foam padding and grip bar the basics boxing manual

    This heavy-duty bag chain with swivel and along with the heavy bag stand of round & square steel construction with speedbag platform are easy to assemble!

    The information above regarding this Heavy Bag Stand Set is as of 9-11-2005. Please click through for current information and availability. Click here to comment on this featured Heavy Bag Stand Set or any other Boxing Heavy Bags or to simply post a comment or article related to sporting goods.

    In addition to the Heavy Bag Stand Set on this page and other merchandise in the category of "Boxing Heavy Bags", we offer a number of other Fitness products, as well as a broad line of sporting goods in general.