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Image Title ASIN Manufacturer Price
1991 Bowman Baseball #587 Javier (Javy) Lopez Rookie Card - Braves Catcher B007CNTR4S Bowman $2.95
2005 Topps Heritage #464 Javy Lopez SP - Baltimore Orioles (Short Print) (Baseball Cards) B00K3QWA7C Topps Heritage $7.49
2000 Topps Limited #16 Javy Lopez - Atlanta Braves (Glossy Finish) (Baseball Cards) B00K3V5JMA Topps Limited $0.91
Various Brands Atlanta Braves Javy Lopez 20 Trading Card Set B000LOABZY $8.95
Javy Lopez (Baseball Card) 2003 Bowman Heritage - [Base] - Black Facsimile Signature #159 B01N9097R9 Bowman Heritage $1.25
2004 Topps Baseball Card # 78 Javy Lopez - Atlanta Braves - MLB Trading Card B00CAZDYVU Topps $2.72
2004 Topps Baseball Card # 725 Javy Lopez AS (All Stars) Atlanta Braves - MLB Trading Card B00CAZDOX8 Topps $2.72
Treat Pro Autographs Javy Lopez Autograph Rookie Card B00EMVA00I $8.99
1991 Bowman Retail Set (MLB - Baseball - 704 Cards - Chipper Jones RC) (Factory Sealed) B017DRQ25O Bowman $19.99
2004 Topps Baseball Card # 345 Jim Thome - Richie Sexson - Javy Lopez LL (National League Home Run Leaders) Phillies - Brewers - Braves - MLB Trading Card B00CAZEZ2W Topps $2.72