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Image Title ASIN Manufacturer Price
Russian Martial Arts DVD #12 – Russian Systema Spetsnaz Training - Regenerative Breathing Energy - Martial Arts Instructional Video B00V3UBCC6 $39.95
New TAI CHI DVD for Beginners 37 Steps of Tai Chi Martial Arts, Motions, Forms by TaichiWithFang B01N5RDEGS Asian Crane Tai Chi $26.00
RUSSIAN SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ TRAINING DVD #8 - TAKEDOWNS - Russian Martial Arts Hand-to-Hand Combat Street Self-Defense Instructional DVD B00GF58RW2 $39.95
SELF DEFENSE DVD: Strikes - Punches - Kicks. Russian Martial Arts DVD by Systema Spetsnaz - Hand to Hand Combat Training Video B00DXQ75DS $39.95
HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT DVD - ENERGY STRIKES. Russian Martial Arts Instructional Video by RUSSIAN SYSTEMA SPETSNAZ TRAINING, Reality-Based Street Self-Defense Techniques B01EGQQT8A $39.95
RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART DVD - ENERGY STRIKES - Russian Systema Spetsnaz Hand to Hand Combat DVD #10, Instructional Street Self-Defense Training Video B00UXZW7CG $39.95
Russian Martial Art DVD - Wrist Locks - Systema Spetsnaz Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat Training Video - Instructional Self-Defense DVD B001QVWAFK $24.95
Systema Spetsnaz Russian Martial Arts DVD - Powerful Joints - Martial Art Instructional DVD for Joints Flexibility in Hand to Hand Combat Training B00J47ZM6M $39.95
Russian Martial Arts DVDs – Defense and Attack 2 DVD set - Martial Art Instructional Videos by Systema Spetsnaz – Russian Hand to Hand Combat B00MAG7ZR8
STREET SELF-DEFENSE DVDS - INSTRUCTOR’S COURSE – HIGHLIGHTS. Russian Martial Art Systema Training Video. Hand to Hand Combat 2 DVD set B01I060TGU $79.95