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IBEX 28 Suspension Trailer

IBEX 28 Suspension Trailer
Sporting Goods > Cycling > Bike Trailers > Item 5

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Click here to buy IBEX 28 Suspension Trailer by BOB. IBEX 28 Suspension Trailer
by BOB
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  • Adjustable-suspension system improves on- and off-road handling
  • Attaches rapidly and easily to a bike's rear wheel
  • Chromoly steel tubing construction to ensure strength, stability, & light weight 17lbs / 7.7 kg
  • Trailer tracks rear wheel of bicycle - ideal for commuting, narrow roads and single track
  • 72 lbs. carrying capacity

    The IBEX's adjustable-suspension system enables cyclists to ride single-track, riverbeds, and washboard roads with camping equipment, trail maintenance tools, or anything else they might take to remote locations. Providing over three inches of travel, the IBEX's suspension system also improves conventional commuting since road shock is dampened.

    The information above regarding this IBEX 28 Suspension Trailer is as of 9-11-2005. Please click through for current information and availability. Click here to comment on this featured IBEX 28 Suspension Trailer or any other Bike Trailers or to simply post a comment or article related to sporting goods.

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